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Spam Trap words to avoid and how to find them easily before sending your email.

Do you use email as part of your outreach strategy?

Did you know in 2019 over 280,000,000,000 emails were sent? (280 billion emails said in Dr Evil voice)

With such high levels of emails floating around these days companies like Google and Microsoft have tightened their spam filters to protect their users.

Spam filters are reading emails and looking for certain words and the combination of these words in an email.

Try to avoid words that make exaggerated claims or promises like:
100% more
100% free
100% satisfied
Additional income
Be your own boss
Best price
Big bucks
Cash bonus

Avoid using too much urgency:
Act now
Apply now
Become a member
Call now
Click below
Click here
Get it now
Do it today
Exclusive deal

Going through a list of words and checking them off isn’t going to be a great use of time.

So I’ve included a link with a spam checker you can use instead.

Just copy your email in here and press submit to see what words might be causing problems.

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