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B2B lead generation
for Tech, SaaS and Consultancies.

We book meetings into your calendar so you can spend more time talking with prospects to grow your business.

What makes us different?

How we define a lead
A meeting attended
Guaranteed results
we're aligned with your success
Calendar Management
simply attend meetings
LinkedIn, email and telemarketing
all 3 outbound channels
Modern approach
we offer value not sales pitches
Number 1 Lead Generation agency in the UK
We start conversations with companies you want to do business with
The Lead Gen Dept. brings the right opportunities into your sales teams’ calendars. We grow your pipeline by managing research, campaign creation, outbound sales and inbox management. We work as your lead gen department taking care of all the time-consuming top-of-funnel activities, so your team can spend more time closing sales.
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B2B Appointment Setting
We help B2B Sales teams identify and engage in-market buyers to support their revenue pipeline goals. We target high-ICP fit prospects, conduct outbound prospecting campaigns, qualify intent, and refer sales-ready leads for follow-up. We run value-focused outbound campaigns using email, LinkedIn and calls that generate industry-leading results.
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Lead Research
Save hours each week researching prospect information and verifying contact data by letting the Lead Gen Dept manage this for you. To ensure every contact researched has the highest chance of being a good fit for your business, The Lead Gen Dept combines manual research with technology, including Bombora's intent data, allowing us to target accounts actively researching your company's services.
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They save me a tremendous amount of time

“One of the most impressive things about working with the Lead Gen Dept. is that they save me a tremendous amount of time. Doing business development on my own took a lot of time, we didn’t have systems or tech in place to scale time which was very difficult as I have many things to do. Having begun working with the LGD I was initially concerned I would still need to invest a lot of my own time, but this hasn’t been the case at all. 3 months in and they work autonomously on their own, meetings have been set with 26 enterprise accounts and we have proposals out worth over £500,000, which is amazing!”

Martyn Barnett Vice President and Managing Director,
Ground Support Labs, London
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I’ve been working with them for 18 months

“I've been working with the Lead Gen Dept. now for over 18 months and in that time they have helped bring on board multiple new clients as well as partners who resell my services. My LinkedIn account has grown by thousands which has increased our brand awareness and additionally this new network now generates enquiries on a regular basis. Working with the LGD. is easy and doesn't take up unnecessary time out of my day. We keep in touch using Slack and I'm updated on any enquiries I should be aware of. I endorse their service and look forward to working together in the future.”

David Lloyd Director,
Grey Monarch
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Specialist in enterprise
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Save hundreds of hours in time and effort
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Grow sales
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How we help

  • Packages to suit companies at different stages.
  • Grow your pipeline with our outbound email, LinkedIn and telemarketing campaigns.
  • Save time and effort – We take care of everything for you.
  • No need to hire sales development reps, content writers or marketers.
  • You don’t need a database – We hand research your ideal prospects.
  • No tech stack required – We manage everything.

“The Lead Gen Dept. helped secure our largest client and generated over £70,000 in new revenue in 6 months” img description Tal Zohar CEO, ArtuData
“I won 2 new clients within 30 days of working with the LGD. including a global financial institution.” img description William Hartley Managing Director, Pilcrow

The Problem With Hiring an internal Team

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  • £52K/$72,000 – The total cost to hire a sales rep.
  • 6 months – The average time for a rep to ramp up.
  • 45% – The average turnover rate of sales staff.
  • 57% – The percentage of reps not hitting quota.
  • £600 /$835 – The technology stack needed for a CRM, finding emails, sending emails, verifying emails, images etc.
  • £60K/$83K – The cost for an internal content writer for thought leadership content.
  • Time – 100’s of hours needed to hire, train and manage an internal team.