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Get more sales by telling prospects about your worst feature..

If I showed you a way you can get more sales and all you have to do is mention your worst feature to a prospect, would you believe me?

If you’re a founder or in sales I’m sure there are topics you want to avoid when talking to prospects

Perhaps there is a feature your competitor has that you don’t

Or maybe your delivery times aren’t great

Whatever it is, avoiding a topic because you fear it is quite simply kryptonite to sales

You never want to be “in your head” when talking to a prospect

When you’re not congruent your prospects feel something is off, something doesn’t feel right

And they would be correct, ultimately you are hiding something by not saying anything at all

Don’t wait for the topic you fear to come up

Raise it yourself!

Next time, raise one thing you fear to a prospect that you think is negative, then move on, don’t focus on it

Number 1: It probably isn’t as big a deal to the prospect as it is to you

Number 2: If it’s negative, by raising it voluntarily everything else you say after will hold 5 times more value to the prospect than if you didn’t mention it at all

Why? Because you’re being honest

Delivery times and features are nice but trust is what wins deals

If you know someone who could benefit from this please share

PS the picture is of a famous Seinfeld episode where George does the opposite and starts being honest. He approaches a woman in the diner and tells her he is unemployed and lives with his parents. She is very impressed and likes the approach. 🙂

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