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Our Framework

Ensure every prospect on your list is the best possible fit. A balance of manual research and our proprietary data profiling technology allows you to penetrate new markets and drive revenue with laser focus.
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Stand out by offering value your competition can't. Focus on your entire addressable market with personalised, prospect-centric emails. See results using time-tested and scientifically proven strategies your prospects won't ignore.
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Hand off time-consuming technical headaches and focus on conversions. Let our in-house email specialists take care of the details and ensure your campaign is optimised to deliver outstanding results.
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Campaign Process
Step 1
We consult with your team to identify your company's strengths, unique value proposition and ideal prospects. You define your campaign goals and business objectives and get us headed in the right direction.
Step 2
Audience refinement
Our in-house researchers do a deep dive to pinpoint industries and verticals that offer you the best fit. With a combination of manual research, in house data technologies, and rigorous vetting, we identify high-value targets for your approval. Bots and data scrapers just don’t cut it.
Step 3
Value optimised outreach
No automated templates here. Our outreach specialists hand-craft and optimise every individual email and response to leave no doubt they are genuine interpersonal communications.

While our email sequences are structured, each offers unique value and personalised content. Well-researched observations, industry insights and educational opportunities are just some of the ways we differentiate you from the crowd.
Step 4
Campaign management
Our teams manage your campaign and inbox — all you need to do is talk to your prospects. Our campaign managers handle autoresponders and inter-company referrals until somebody puts their hand up and requests a meeting. You receive campaign results and real-time updates using Google Sheets and we can integrate directly with most CRMs.
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Service Includes

Dedicated team (Account Manager, Research Manager, SDR, Content Writer)

Live reporting

Email campaign creation and management

Hand-curated leads

Target accounts researched and a personalised line written

Inbox management

2 x email sending accounts

CRM Integration


Warm leads booked into your calendar with your ideal target prospects

Guaranteed Results
We remove risk and are aligned to your results
There is a better way
Old-fashioned B2B marketing agencies neglect 95% of your addressable market.

Traditionally, outbound lead generation campaigns focused on the 5% of the market with immediate intent to buy a product or service. The problem with this approach is it often alienates the other 95% of your market with irrelevant emails that offer little value.

Full Market Appeal
The Lead Gen Dept. has moved past this outdated shotgun approach. Sure, we understand the benefits of rapid conversions. Our campaigns prioritise that 5% of your market with immediate requirements to help you build momentum quickly.

But it doesn’t end there. We also know that educating the other 95% sets the scene for future sales. We help you strike the perfect balance between building a strong brand position for long term profits and capitalising on current demand. It’s the best of both worlds.
The Strategy
The Lead Gen Dept. helps you build relationships with your entire target market and establish your company as a thought leader willing to provide insights and information even when a prospect isn’t looking to buy right now. These relationships position you as their go-to partner when the time comes to do business.
The Results
Addressing your entire target market generates substantial results like more leads, a higher ROI, and increased long-term sales as prospects consume your insights and become buyers. It enhances your brand position and puts you ahead of competitors running tired campaigns with a short-term focus.
We provide the bandwidth,
you focus on sales

The fact is, preparing and executing an outbound campaign is as complicated as it is time-consuming. Few businesses, large or small, have the budget and bandwidth to focus on both the prospecting and business development process.

The Lead Gen Dept. has the experience, processes and personnel in place to execute flawless campaigns. There is no trial and error — we have been there and we know what works. We have already made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

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