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Are you alienating 95 per cent of
your potential customers?
You probably are — especially if you rely on short-sighted, spammy and outdated, outbound strategies like direct appointment requests.

Even with meticulous research, less than 5 per cent of prospects who receive your first email will be in-market for your services. While that 5 per cent may be open to contact, Lead Gen Dept understands that the remaining 95 per cent still play a significant part in your company’s future sales pipeline.
A New Way
With the Lead Gen Departments proven methodology, you can convert the 5 per cent without alienating the rest. No matter where your prospects sit on the intent spectrum, Lead Gen Dept can help you turn them into customers by offering education and value that cultivates both your current and future pipelines.

We get your foot in the door by creating a value-rich brand impression across the board — when the 95 per cent are finally in-market, they are more likely to turn to you first.
Adding Value
Getting your foot in the door takes more than sending each prospect a hyperlink to your website and a meeting request. Through years of successful outbound email campaigns the Lead Gen Dept has developed a unique value led approach to differentiate from the standard outdated email approaches that often finds its way into a prospect’s inbox. Well-researched observations, industry insights and educational opportunities are just some of the ways we offer value to differentiate you from your competitors.
Robert Cialdini
Psychoogist, researcher and author.
Also known as Cialdini’s First Principle, Reciprocity is another one of the Lead Gen Departments proven outbound methodologies. At the most basic level, humans are hardwired to return favours — approached correctly, everyone prefers to say yes. Numerous studies show that offering value, even a small favour upfront is over twice as effective as promising substantial benefits at a later date.

Cialdini established that even the smallest of unexpected gifts results in a positive response. In the case of outbound email and lead generation, that response is conversations with prospects. The more true value you offer, the greater your expected returns.

The Lead Gen Dept helps you develop a strategic value proposition and campaign strategy your prospects won’t ignore.
Old-fashioned bulk email doesn’t drive results in 2022. Every lead generation service on the market has access to common information like first name, last name and job description, but today’s educated prospects easily see through automated and template-based communications.

Every Lead Gen Dept email makes it clear you are a real person who has done your homework.

Multiple studies confirm the human brain processes compliments and financial rewards similarly. In line with this data-driven principle, the Lead Gen Dept research team makes the extra effort to establish a personal profile for every target account and contact on your list.

A genuine, well-researched compliment goes a long way to establishing a one-on-one rapport and dramatically boosts campaign response rates.

Our Framework

Ensure every prospect on your list is the best possible fit. A balance of manual research and our proprietary data profiling technology allows you to penetrate new markets and drive revenue with laser focus.
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Stand out by offering value your competition can't. Focus on your entire addressable market with personalised, prospect-centric emails. See results using time-tested and scientifically proven strategies your prospects won't ignore.
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Hand off time-consuming technical headaches and focus on conversions. Let our in-house email specialists take care of the details and ensure your campaign is optimised to deliver outstanding results.
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