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The anatomy of a good email
The Lead Gen Dept combines experience and proven best practices to ensure our email campaigns are crafted to generate high-quality leads for your sales funnel. To get you in front of more of your priority accounts, the the Lead Gen Dept team applies every email and campaign optimization in our quiver to each communication. We help you appeal to prospects that are currently in market for your solution and educate the ones who don’t yet know they need your services.
Stand out subject lines
Unopened emails are unread emails. The Lead Gen Dept individually designs each subject line to grab the prospect's attention. We know what works.
Call to action
A good call to action raises response rates as much as 100%. The days of simply requesting a call are over. The Lead Gen Dept offers value — we don’t make demands.
Making sure your email is the right length increases response rates by up to 50%.
Strategic delivery
To further increase campaign performance by over 20%, The Lead Gen Dept schedules each email to arrive in your prospect’s inbox at the right time — no Monday morning, late Friday afternoon, or overnight deliveries.
Every Lead Gen Dept email sets the right tone. Striking the perfect balance with every communication drives a significant increase in response rates.
Following up
Conversations don’t end with the ice-breaker. Successful email campaigns have strong follow-up email sequences. The Lead Gen Dept progressively spaces our emails to be consistent without being intrusive or aggressive. By conducting additional research for our final email, we average a response rate of over 7% for enterprises and as high as 30% for SMEs — that’s high by any standard.
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Email deliverability
Why send an email that doesn’t reach your prospect? To make sure your email gets through, the Lead Gen Dept email deliverability expert Vasiliy Leschuk navigates the spam-prevention systems and blacklists shared by most major email providers.

As the former head of technology for a major US B2B email agency, Vasily runs a proprietary tech stack that eliminates hundreds of potential red flags and ensures the highest sender score for every email the Lead Gen Dept sends.
Email deliverability
Vasiliy Leschuk
Email deliverability Manager
Email authentication
To further guarantee deliverability, the Lead Gen Dept also manages email authentication by filing your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records to combat fraudulent emails and increase recipient trust.
Email warm-up
The Lead Gen Dept manually warms your email accounts by sending and responding to a series of emails through your accounts. This increases your sending limits and prepares your mailboxes and sender scores for an effective outbound campaign.
Campaign management
Our campaign management team is always on hand to monitor your account, engage your prospects and oversee your communications.
Campaign reporting
Receive real-time reports using Google Sheets or through integration with your CRM. The Lead Gen Dept provides you with live metrics including positive replies, negative replies and no replies as well as campaign statuses.
Any response is a good response, especially if it provides alternate contact information — emailing a prospect and naming one of their colleagues boosts credibility. The Lead Gen Dept follows up on all autoresponder and out of office emails with context-specific responses for every scenario including:
  • Away on holiday
  • Away on maternity leave
  • Changed companies
  • Referrals to colleagues
Do not contact
Every email The Lead Gen Dept sends requires your approval, beginning with a list of the prospects and companies you don't want us to contact. Using a system of unique identification codes, we automatically exclude all decision-makers from these accounts. The same system protects prospects that have opted out of further emails. All potential prospects require your approval.
The Lead Gen Dept is GDPR compliant and operates within the guidance of the law. Our legal consultants have the correct procedures, templates and responses in place to respond to any privacy-related query, however unlikely.
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Our Framework

Ensure every prospect on your list is the best possible fit. A balance of manual research and our proprietary data profiling technology allows you to penetrate new markets and drive revenue with laser focus.
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Stand out by offering value your competition can't. Focus on your entire addressable market with personalised, prospect-centric emails. See results using time-tested and scientifically proven strategies your prospects won't ignore.
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Hand off time-consuming technical headaches and focus on conversions. Let our in-house email specialists take care of the details and ensure your campaign is optimised to deliver outstanding results.
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