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Driving Client Conversions With Indirect Outreach

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Financial saas selling to the accounting industry


6 months


73 new customers by generating
96 new leads in six months

The Client

Sweep is a financial automation expert for businesses — it provides finance teams with smart technology that allows them to automate the payments and expense processes and eliminate repetitive administration tasks.

From synchronising payroll and vendor payments across several common different accounting tools and payment platforms, to creating payment runs and automating payment schedules, Sweep Pay reduces administrative overheads and payment integrations to just a few mouse clicks.

Sweep Accounts Payable streamlines the end-to-end AP processes by eliminating missed invoices, manual data entry, and manual invoice processing and approval. The Sweep API also integrates seamlessly with each business’ back-end EP and accounting suite of choice.

The Challenge

For all their accounting and software expertise, the diversely talented Sweep team needed help promoting their automated SAAS payments solution and starting conversations with potential clients - all their energy was focused on developing and improving their automated accounting feature set leaving little bandwidth for lead generation and customer education.

The Solution

To address the problem, Sweep Founder and CEO, Billel Ridelle, turned to Lead Gen Dept, lead generation and targeted outbound email strategists.

“Sweep saves small to medium and even enterprise-level businesses a huge amount of time,” says Connor Addis, Managing Director, Lead Gen Dept. “The product offered such clear benefits we decided we would focus our campaign on accounting partnerships that could best evaluate and understand the Sweep value proposition rather than appealing to end-users.”

A Road Less Travelled: Indirect Outreach

This meant focusing on Sweep’s integration and technical collaborators and identifying accounting partnerships with direct access to potential Sweep clients. “We followed the technology trail. Sweep integrates with Xero, QuickBooks, Sage and many other popular ERP systems, so we started by focusing on those firms and their accounting firm partnerships. From there, our research team identified the decision-makers that could give Sweep the boost it needed by putting them in front of their ideal end-users.”

Exchanging Value with a Personal Touch

Prior to kicking off the four-step personalized email campaign, Lead Gen Dept submitted the prospect list to Sweep, to ensure each prospect on the list met and aligned with the Sweep team’s business objectives. Once Sweep signed off, Lead Gen Dept began its phase two research to personalize each email in its proven four-step sequence with information specific to its recipient.

“Lead Gen Dept always makes the effort to personalise every email,” explains Addis. “That means acknowledging a recent charitable donation, promotion, or similar accomplishment for each recipient. After that, we offer them something of value — in this case, full-featured complimentary access to Sweep for the client of their choice.”

The Results

Lead Gen Dept ran the Sweep campaign over a period of 5 months. In that time the campaign generated 96 leads with accountants serving substantial SME client accounts Of those 96 leads, 70 resulted in the accountants’ clients signing multiple service level agreements and moving on to the Sweep platform.In addition to the campaign, Lead Gen Dept. helped Sweep recruit and onboard their first sales and customer support rep.

For Sweep, the campaign was an unqualified success, generating both business opportunities and providing much-needed exposure within the cloistered accounting community.