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Software house - 19 leads in 3 months (Campaign still running)

The Client

Scandiweb was established in 2003, initially operating as a content aggregation start-up before pivoting to a web design agency that launched 300 sites on a custom-made CMS. The company takes pride in the fact that many of their customers from the early 2000s continue to successfully run their businesses on Scandiweb's platform.

In 2008, Scandiweb's CEO moved to Denmark to study, and the company began working as subcontractors for Danish web agencies, eventually encountering the Magento platform. By 2015, after seven years of repairing small and large Magento projects, Scandiweb gained the confidence to take full responsibility for project delivery, from ideation to implementation and support.

In 2017, the co-CEO established the Full Service department. Scandiweb's evolution from a content aggregation start-up to a comprehensive web design agency and Magento specialist showcases their adaptability, growth, and dedication to delivering top-quality digital solutions for their clients.

The Results

The Lead Gen Dept has been working closely with Scandiweb to generate leads by targeting the top 100 largest Magento stores in the UK. Through our cold outbound email campaign, we have employed a value-first approach, offering value to prospects in order to initiate conversations and foster engagement.

Our campaign has generated an impressive open rate of 60.81%, a reply rate of 7.53%, and 90.3% of the total replies received were positive. Within just three months, our campaign has resulted in 15 confirmed meetings, which translates to a remarkable 15% conversion rate within Scandiweb's total addressable market

Moreover, the campaign has generated more than 19 leads, including some major Magento retailers in the UK. This success demonstrates the effectiveness of the Lead Gen Dept's strategies in generating valuable connections for our clients and contributing to their overall growth.