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Identifying Key International Prospects By Offering Targeted Outbound Value

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Facial recognition saas selling into enterprise financial services


3 months


27 enterprise leads in 3 months with the heads of cyber security at financial services organisations

The Client

As businesses move more of their customer interactions online, fraud and identity theft are an increasingly pressing concern. SAFFE addresses this by providing fast, safe, flexible and economical online identity verification using deep learning and AI facial recognition technology.

The SAFFE solution doesn’t just capture identity information, it also allows companies to compare uploaded ID documents to clients on camera and confirm that they are living rather than static representations.

Using its easily integrated omnichannel APIs, mobile applications and either in-store or cloud servers, SAFFE is both versatile and effective. In an industry where 74% of users prefer biometric identification, SAFFE saves businesses time and promotes customer goodwill.

The Challenge

As a relative market newcomer, the SAFFE team is primarily senior-level executives and engineering talent. In addition to everyone having a full plate, the company lacked the direct experience and bandwidth to kick-start an effective lead generation campaign.

The Solution

After researching potential direct targeted email marketing partnerships, SAFFE turned to Lead Gen Dept for help.
“SAFFE wanted to target Heads of Cyber Security in the global financial and banking sectors,” explains Connor Addis, Managing Director, Lead Gen Dept. “Specifically, they were interested in markets in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. It was a tall order — they wanted global exposure with traditionally hard-to-access heads of cyber security.”

Lead Gen Dept began with manual research to identify decision makers and security department heads matching SAFFE’s specific criteria. With a list of prospects identified, Lead Gen Dept submitted a list of prospective clients for SAFFE to vet and ensure every potential contact aligned with their business goals.

From there, Lead Gen Dept developed a strategic value proposition — offering the SAFFE-approved prospects an obligation-free opportunity to take part in a webinar discussing advancements in AI and deep learning identity verification.

“Every Lead Gen Dept campaign offers email recipients something of specific value to their business without asking for anything in return,” explains Addis. “This approach establishes reciprocity and a sense of obligation that allows us to build stronger, more effective relationships.”

Throughout the sub-three-month campaign, Lead Gen Dept secured 27 leads with cyber security leaders in banking and finance. The contacts spanned three continents and led to improved international exposure and new business opportunities with international banks like Credit Suisse, Monzo Bank and Natwest.

As a part of its services, Lead Gen Dept also provided the SAFFE management with the turnkey expertise to continue their marketing campaign independently.

The Results

To SAFFE clients, this means decreased session abandonment and higher conversions. The frictionless SAFFE solution brings business gains huge efficiency gains and a significant advantage over competitors with more cumbersome or intrusive verification procedures.