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Driving Education And Generating Leads With Targeted Outbound Email

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Pinboard Consulting




Graph analytics SAAS & consultancy selling into enterprise manufacturing, retail and automotive


3 months


32 enterprise meetings in 3 months

The Client

Pinboard Consulting provides businesses with enriched analytics and insight into their most valuable resource — the data they collect. The company is a pioneer in the worldwide movement toward database graph analytics. Its off-the-shelf implementation, integration packages and bespoke graph database systems allow businesses of all sizes to enhance and accelerate their decision-making processes. They provide organizations with the ability to take a deep dive into their legacy data, irrespective of its source.

Graph database analytics shine where traditional relational databases fall short. The technology fills in gaps and makes connections that businesses would otherwise miss. It is a key tool for organizations looking to identify and plan for opportunities in the future.

The Challenge

As an early entrant into the UK graph database analytics sector, the only thing holding Pinboard Consulting back was that, despite insider acceptance of graph database analytics, the technology was still emergent — its potential clients remained unaware of the full scope of the technology’s benefits.

Before Pinboard Consulting could begin marketing its services, it needed to identify and educate potential clients about its solution’s unique value proposition.

The Solution

In response to a targeted outbound email they received through an internal marketing campaign, Pinboard Consulting reached out to lead generation specialists, Lead Gen Dept.
“They were an unknown brand with analytics technology that helps companies make key business decisions in a few hours rather than weeks of crunching data,” says Connor Addis, Lead Gen Dept Managing Director. “To get the word on Pinboard Consulting out, we began with LinkedIn outreach and network development to build brand authority. We then employed targeted outbound email to offer an educational value exchange with carefully researched potential clients.”

Establishing focus

On Pinboard Consulting’s behalf, Lead Gen Dept began targeted manual research into enterprises of over 5000 employees under stress because of worldwide supply chain issues.

The Lead Gen Dept research team focused on supply chain directors in manufacturing for the food and beverage, IT, pharmaceutical, chemical and automotive industries. Where supply chain heads were not accessible, Lead Gen Dept sought secondary connections that could move the Pinboard message up the decision chain.

To ensure each prospect met the company’s business objectives, Lead Gen Dept submitted the list to the Pinboard executive team for approval before the first email went out.

Starting conversations by offering genuine value

In line with their core principle of offering reciprocal value, Lead Gen Dept began Pinboard’s personalised four-step email campaign. This focused on relationship building by offering each prospective client clear value via an online seminar covering the advantages of graph database analytics. Max Latey, Pinboard CEO and founder, ran the sessions.

“When we reach out to prospective clients, we don’t ask for anything,” explains Addis. “Our goal is to introduce our client and offer insight and a value exchange that engages decision makers. Once a relationship is in place, the rest flows naturally.”

The Results

The campaign put Pinboard consulting on the map with enterprises worldwide.

Between March and June 2022, Lead Gen Dept identified and contacted 1929 leads for Pinboard Consulting, achieving a high open rate of 60.8%. From there, Pinboard received 144 replies (7.5%), which resulted in 28 prospects attending the educational webinar and establishing appointments to further discuss the application of graph analytics in their businesses.

Pinboard Consulting is currently engaged in negotiations for contracts, each valued at over £100,000. Their prospects include three enterprise-level clients, one of which is an international provider of retail coffee products and F&B services. The results impressed Latey and the Pinboard team.

“The client is thrilled,” says Addis. “They have had more positive contact with valuable accounts than they ever expected, and through their conversations with those brands they have gained valuable insights they can apply towards their service offerings.”