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Translating Outbound Email Into Long-Term Business Prospects

Success stories of our clients






Financial translation selling into enterprise finance


6 months


2+ new contracts in the first 30 days
40+ conversations with target clients
social netwprks grew by 1000+ connections

The Client

Pilcrow language Services are translation specialists for the financial industry. They provide multiple language services for businesses with international and multi-channel business strategies.

A key part of Pilcrow’s value is the company’s ability to lighten the burden of multilingual communications by adapting to their client’s existing processes, providing direct access to translation data and budgeting, and taking their time to understand and align with business objectives.

The Challenge

With a small translation staff and two directors engaged in the day-to-day running of the business, Pilcrow simply didn’t have the time or the resources to embark on an effective lead generation and marketing campaign in the saturated financial translation marketplace.

The Solution

The company turned to Lead Gen Dept to fill in the gaps and provide them with the expertise and dedicated marketing outreach resources they lacked internally. The Pilcrow team had two primary goals — first to improve the authority of the Pilcrow brand on LinkedIn and, more importantly, to discover new enterprise-level clients with an obvious need for the company’s services.

“Financial translation is a very crowded market — there are thousands of agencies looking to gain a foothold and a relatively limited number of industry players with multi-language requirements,” explains Connor Addis, Managing Director, Lead Gen Dept. “Our goal with Pilcrow was to find a strategy that rose above the noise and got them noticed.”
Lead Gen Dept began its stringent manual research process to identify Pilcrow’s target prospects. After confirming their contact list met Pilcrow’s ideal client profile, the Lead Gen Dept team created and tested several email strategies before deciding to go with a more light and informal results to capture attention.
“Of all the emails we sent, the humorous ones got the most positive response,” says Addis. “People really liked it and came back to us with a relaxed humour of their own.”
Besides targeted outbound email, Lead Gen Dept put together a bespoke content campaign to increase Pilcrow’s engagement on LinkedIn.

The Results

Within the campaign's first 30 days, Pilcrow secured an engagement with a global financial services institution that had offices around the world. The translation company also signed on to provide services to a Series A-funded financial startup with an international audience.

Over the following months of the outbound email and LinkedIn influence campaigns, the Pilcrow sales pipeline continued to expand. The company had conversations with another 40 of their target clients and their social network grew by over 1000 connections.