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Pelican Corp

Geospatial Technology - 26 meetings in 3 months (Campaign still running)

The Client

PelicanCorp is a specialised provider of software and services designed to protect essential infrastructure for utilities, asset owners, and the One Call industry. Boasting over 40 years of experience, their team has worked closely with utilities, One Call operations, and local authorities to develop efficient software solutions that enhance information exchange and streamline processes for the industry as a whole.

Their unique technology platforms are a product of their extensive industry knowledge and market experience. PelicanCorp serves customers worldwide, using their platforms to deliver global services such as Dial Before You Dig Australia, beforeUdig New Zealand, CBYD USA, and LinesearchbeforeUdig UK, among others.

PelicanCorp offers comprehensive asset protection solutions for asset owners, ensuring that those working near their assets are well-prepared. They also take a proactive approach to business continuity by providing software and solutions that give advance warning of events that may impact operations and cause downtime.

Embracing innovation, PelicanCorp delivers cloud-based services to minimise implementation times, upfront costs, maintenance, security, and ongoing support. Their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has made them a trusted partner in the protection of essential infrastructure.

The Results

The Lead Gen Dept has successfully executed a B2B cold outreach email campaign for our client, PelicanCorp. This campaign has greatly contributed to their efforts to gain traction in the UK market, which they have previously struggled to penetrate. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach, with an open rate of 54.33% and a reply rate of 9.21%. A detailed analysis of the responses revealed that 27.3% were classified as Positive, Referred, or To Follow Up. This indicates that a noteworthy portion of the replies showed potential for further development and were worth pursuing. Remarkably, 79.3% of the interested leads booked a call with PelicanCorp, showcasing the campaign's ability to drive significant engagement and convert prospects into potential clients.

In just three months, The Lead Gen Dept has successfully booked 26 meetings for PelicanCorp, highlighting the effectiveness of our cold outreach strategy in generating valuable connections and fostering productive conversations with prospective clients. Our campaign has substantially contributed to PelicanCorp's growth in the UK market and continues to showcase the strength of our lead generation services.