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Setting The Right Pace With Targeted Lead Generation

Success stories of our clients


London Translation Services




Translation consultancy selling into global brands


6 months


44 leads in less than 6 months
5+ new ongoing contracts

The Client

London Translation Services provide a wide range of solutions that vary from certified business translation to direct interpretation. They specialize in human translation services in multiple language pairs for websites, legal and technical matters, as well as software localisation and medical purposes.

The company distinguishes itself with high-quality work competitive rates and qualified translation associates.

The Challenge

Typical of smaller business enterprises, the principals at London Translation Services simply lacked the bandwidth to focus on both day-to-day business operations while conducting a targeted lead generation and sales effort.

The Solution

Recognizing that they needed help if they wanted to drive extra business, London Translation Services contacted Lead Gen Dept. After a deep analysis of London Translation Services' business and requirements, the Lead Gen Dept team formed and implemented a bespoke direct outbound campaign strategy.

“We began with their current business model and a clear picture of the industries where they have been most successful in the past,” explains Connor Addis, Managing Director, Lead Gen Dept. “From there we worked to scale out a list of manually researched prospects in each of those industries, focusing primarily on medium- to large-scale enterprises with global offices — companies with the highest likely demand for ongoing language translation and localization. Software, Finance, and eCommerce were our key focus.”

After compiling a prospect list and verifying it met London Translation Services’ strategic intent, Lead Gen Dept began a bespoke campaign, suited to the company's unique needs.
“Translation services is a high-competition market, so we changed up our typical campaign to address that challenge,” says Addis. “Where our typical email sequence rarely runs longer than four emails, we extended it to seven for this engagement.”

The carefully paced extended outbound email sequence allowed Lead Gen Dept to build a gradual relationship with contacts. In the translation market, engagements form slowly but maintain longer lifecycles with frequent repeat work. Lead Gen Dept managed the entire campaign, which involved sending and monitoring several thousand emails on London Translation Services’ behalf.

“By extending the email sequence and slowing the pacing, we sent a polite but persistent message,” adds Addis. “Remaining both friendly and informative, we reached out to each client no more than once a month to offer value and build trust.”

The Results

Across its campaigns, In an industry with a high bar to entry, Lead Gen Dept generated 44 leads for London Translation services in less than six months. Of those 44 leads, five translated to ongoing contracts that have each generated five-digit revenue streams. The company continues to use Lead Gen Dept services instead of forming an internal marketing team.