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Loma Search

SaaS - On track for 50 meetings in first 3 months (Campaign still running)

The Client

Loma was born in 2016 when a broke student trying to find good hiking boots was frustrated by the number of secondhand sites he had to trawl through. Today, it's the starting point of thousands of users for their secondhand searches. Buying secondhand and renting has become more popular than ever, not only for people looking to save money but as more of us look for kinder ways to shop.

The Results

The Lead Gen Dept has been working diligently with Loma Search to generate leads by targeting leading charities. We devised a campaign inviting prospects to an educational session to learn more about the latest technology, utilising a cold outbound email approach.

From a total of 965 leads uploaded in the email campaigns for Loma Search, our efforts resulted in an impressive open rate of 76.3% and a reply rate of 17.2%. Out of the total replies received, 50% were categorised as Positive, Referrals, or To Follow Up, signifying a notable percentage of promising responses potentially worth pursuing further. Among the interested leads, 60% booked a call.

In just one and a half months of running the campaign, we have successfully generated 25 confirmed meetings in the client's calendar. This achievement demonstrates the effectiveness of the Lead Gen Dept's strategy in fostering valuable connections and contributing to the growth of our clients, such as Loma Search.