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Pushing the Envelope — Using Outbound Email to Create New Opportunities for a Global Packaging Manufacturer

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Name withheld on request


Yeovil, Somerset (headquarters), Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester, Portland OR, USA, and Dusseldorf, Germany


Manufacturing, Paper, and Packaging Products


Create engagement and revenue opportunities with manually-researched, personalised outbound email.


136 leads in 2 months across specific geographic locations
“Significant sales pipeline”

The Client

Understanding the potential of the rapidly growing, post-pandemic e-commerce market, the client, already the UK’s largest packaging supplier, created a sustainable, design-forward, and customized product line to meet the specific needs of e-commerce retailers seeking to elevate and amplify their brand identity with every order they ship.

“Packaging is essential in forwarding a brand’s meaning, connectivity, energy and identity. It serves as the bridge between your brand and your customer,” explains the manufacturer’s Business Development Director.

The Challenge

With a client list that includes Amazon, Ralph Lauren, Cartier, and the British Heart Foundation, the company sought to increase their exposure to include both emerging and established e-Commerce operations. The packaging manufacturer wanted to extend their customer channels, but they weren’t interested in working with B2B resellers. To find the right clients, they contacted Lead Gen Dept

“Initially the company heard about us through Bridge Coffee Roasters, who were themselves referred by branding specialists and long term clients the SME Partners,” says Addis. “It wanted direct access to online fashion, apparel and cosmetics retailers up to 500 employees in size — modern brands in specific geographic locations with strong online identities that would understand and benefit from the bespoke packaging experience. The goal was to keep its product line exclusive and avoid more utilitarian businesses like workwear manufacturers or brands likely to sell directly to other businesses.”

The Solution

The team at Lead Gen Dept began compiling a list that matched the company’s strict strategic requirements. “Our team manually went through every single account, clicking to make sure they had a shopping cart and were actively selling online. We wanted to be certain that each prospect would benefit from the manufacturer’s custom-designed e-commerce package,” explains Addis. “It is critical we take the time with our front end research to make sure we've got the right account list to save our client’s teams from contacting, discussing, and qualifying inaccurate leads.” To help the Lead Gen Dept research team narrow their focus, the manufacturer provided regular feedback regarding which accounts to target and which to avoid.

“We build out the list, then they approve the companies and job titles on it,” adds Addis. “To add to the campaign and increase deal velocity, they also provided us with a list of their own accounts that were dormant or not moving through the sales cycle fast enough.”

With the client list completed Lead Gen Dept used its four-step email framework to build the campaign. “Our framework is a proven approach that has worked exceptionally well for our manufacturing clients like Where the Trade Buys (WTTB) and Pervasive Displays that sell physical products B2B,” Addis says. “Every prospect is thoroughly researched. We only send emails that offer value and read like we wrote them one-to-one. People respond because we have taken the time to write something personal — we’re providing value and the message is highly relevant to them.”

The Results

In the first two months of the six-month campaign, Lead Gen Dept delivered 136 qualified leads that met the packaging manufacturer’s stringent requirements. “We are just beginning,” says Addis. “We are on track to deliver over 300 leads before the campaign ends.”

“It’s a significant sales pipeline,” concludes the company’s business director. “We are very impressed with the results — over 130 leads in under two months is a great effort by any standard.”