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Crescat Digital

SEO agency - 39 meetings in 6 months

The Client

Crescat Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides a comprehensive range of services designed to help businesses develop and expand their reach. With a focus on creating impactful campaigns that maintain their effectiveness across multiple marketing channels, Crescat Digital combines various interconnected service offerings to deliver long-lasting results. Transparency is at the core of Crescat Digital's values, as they believe it is essential for building trust in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. With over 10 years of experience working with clients to navigate the complexities of internet marketing, the company is dedicated to keeping clients informed every step of the way, providing access to the same key metrics that the Crescat team uses.

The team at Crescat Digital is composed of diverse individuals with unique experiences, united in their mission to deliver impactful results for clients. By getting to know their clients and understanding their stories, Crescat Digital ensures that each project is tailor-made to maximise efficiency and increase ROI.

The Results

Over the course of a six-month collaboration between the Lead Gen Dept and Crescat Digital, significant progress was made in generating leads for the company. From an initial pool of 5350 leads uploaded into the email campaigns, the open rate reached 64.04%, and the reply rate was 17.92%. Among the replies received, 25.7% were classified as Positive, Referred, or To Follow Up, which signified a small yet noteworthy percentage of promising responses with potential for further engagement.

During this period, the outbound email campaigns generated 39 meetings, including a meeting with one of the UK's leading insurance companies, which has since become a client of Crescat Digital. Initially targeting five different industries, the Lead Gen Dept iterated and refined their approach until they discovered two industries that consistently yielded the highest results for Crescat Digital.