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A Clean Start — Expanding Markets with Targeted Outbound Email

Success stories of our clients


Name withheld on request


London, Scotland


Hygiene, Cleaning Products Manufacturing, B2B and B2C Sales


Define and diversify revenue opportunities into new markets with manually-researched, personalised outbound email.


89 leads in 3 months
84% open rate - 28% positive response rate

The Client

The client is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of professional hygiene chemicals and cleaning products. They focus on providing their business partners with quality products, high-response service, and extensive technical support. As a UK manufacturer and bottler with a newly purchased facility in Scotland, they offer exclusive, white labelled, end-to-end solutions to some of the UK’s biggest names in household health and hygiene.

The Challenge

With a full range of products that include comprehensive janitorial and housekeeping supplies, disinfectant wipes, and hand hygiene products, the manufacturer was well-positioned for the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic. Their product line was ideal for providing businesses concerned about the health and safety of their staff and their customers with a full range of health solutions to minimize the risks of close contact work.

Despite their success, the company wanted to diversify their client base. They wanted to move beyond their third-party suppliers and begin a direct dialogue with their end-users. To aggressively identify new opportunities, they turned to Lead Gen Dept at the recommendation of brand experts the SME Partners — themselves referred to Lead Gen Dept by Parker Software.

The Solution

“The hygiene products manufacturer understood that COVID was going to end and they wanted a Plan B to keep up sales and grow new markets. “They wanted to increase their footprint to include their end-users,” explains Connor Addis, Lead Gen Dept Managing Director. “They already had a telemarketing team, they just needed to those first conversations with larger organizations.”

After discussions with the manufacture’s team, Lead Gen Dept identified their ideal market. “They needed to approach large companies with 10,000 plus employees, multiple locations, and Facilities Managers to keep their properties clean, says Addis. “Every organization needs to buy their cleaning products somewhere, so we identified restaurant and hotel chains and retail stores — anywhere consumption is high and a clean, safe customer environment is a priority. Retail, a high-traffic, close-contact environment, was a key focus.”

Hand-Researched Outbound Email

Lead Gen Dept put together a hand-researched list of prospects for the client. “For every campaign, our clients need to go through the list and confirm that we have identified a set of potential clients that they would be happy to work with,” says Addis. “We don’t send an email out until we have client approval.”

With the approved list in hand, Lead Gen Dept began the four-step email campaign they designed specifically for manufacturers that sell physical products business to business. “We work within a proven framework,” Addis explains, “but we compose every email on a one-to-one, personal basis. We put in the effort to find something that offers value and signals to each reader that they are receiving a direct, person-to-person communication rather than an automated email blast. It increases our client’s odds of success.”

The Results

While Lead Gen Dept generally focuses on six-month campaigns, the cleaning products producer saw excellent results in three. eBay, Greggs, Holland and Barret, Morrisons, Halfords, and Charles Thwaite were among the positive respondents, in addition to Dominos, Pizza Express and TGI Fridays. The company also received interested inquiries from several local councils and universities.

Overall, Lead Gen Dept delivered 89 leads. The outbound email campaign showed an 84% open rate. More significantly, 28% of their prospective clients replied to set up meetings or request more information. The cleaning products manufacturer’s telemarketing team had abundant, interested business opportunities to pursue.