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Targeted Outbound Email Generates 75% Of Company Revenue In 6 Months

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AI predictive analytics selling into B2C finance


6 months


75% of company revenue
120 positive responses in 6 months
£70,000 engagement with a national payday loan supplier

The Client

ArtuData are thought leaders in using machine learning, AI, and advanced predictive data analytics to help companies identify and score potential sales leads. With ArtuData, businesses save time in their marketing endeavours by using technology to identify the strongest prospects within their sales funnels.

Because of API-based integrations with key sales tools like SalesForce, HubSpot, and Freshdesk, any sales-based business can easily integrate ArtuData customized prediction models and self-optimizing scoring algorithms into their existing CRM and sales workflow.

The Challenge

As a startup in the AI and predictive analytics field, ArtuData had abundant executive and engineering talent but had yet to form a marketing force of its own. The company realised that unless it upsized, it needed a third-party partnership to help it gain traction and influence in the marketplace.

The Solution

ArtuData found a lead generation partner in Lead Gen Dept, who began the engagement by helping ArtuData pinpoint its key client demographic.
“Given they focused on lead scoring for sales, we focused our attention on getting them out in front of several high-yield financial industry contacts,” explains Connor Addis, managing Director, Lead Gen Dept. “This meant doing the research to provide them with a list of decision-makers in B2C markets — financial and forex suppliers, BTC and forex trading platforms, and payday loan suppliers as well as clients in the gaming industry.”
Once Lead Gen Dept had compiled a list of prospects and ArtuData had verified them as aligning with their business goals, Lead Gen Dept began a full cycle campaign on two fronts — this involved building influence and exposure by building up ArtuData’s LinkedIn network, anchored by a four email targeted outbound campaign. The email campaign focused on offering each client insight into the use of AI and ML to increase conversions by analysing the viability of their sales prospects.

The Results

Over a six-month campaign, Lead Gen Dept raised ArtuData’s LinkedIn exposure substantially and the direct outbound email campaign accounted for over 75% of the company's incoming revenue. Overall, the Lead Gen Dept lead generation effort yielded 120 positive responses and a pipeline of around £300,000. Key campaign successes included a £70,000 engagement with a national payday loan supplier.