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Research and Lead Generation Services

There is no magic bullet for generating quality leads. Instead, each successful outbound campaign involves a series of meticulously executed elements that begin with audience alignment.

To ensure every prospect has the highest chance of being a good fit for your business, The Lead Gen Dept. combines time-tested elements like manual research with the advantages of modern data technology.
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Audience alignment
Defining your audience begins with understanding your needs. Deep-dive consultations identify your target industries and the key accounts within those spaces. To ensure a positive ROI, we align your Ideal Client Profile to match your services, capabilities, and overall success within the market.

We work with you to find the industry or vertical where your offer resonates most. There is no point generating leads with companies you can’t convert

Sharpening your focus to a clearly defined target persona rather than an entire market ensures your messaging hits home — you won’t miss the mark trying to appeal to everyone.
Data-driven human research
Your campaign success shouldn’t be left in the hands of automated research bots and data scrapers. It shouldn't rely on stale information from mass-market resources like Zoominfo or Clearbit. With the Lead Gen Dept. you avoid the exhausted client lists your competitors share.

Under our Head of Research Ivan Dynko, the LGD. research team maps the decision-makers and stakeholders in your target organisations. Beginning with LinkedIn as a source of truth, we manually verify all contact names, surnames, job titles, telephone numbers and email addresses.

To further stack the deck in your favour, LGD. has identified several unique, proven variables — trade secrets that contribute to our industry-leading success rate and repeat client interactions. These variables aren’t available in a database.
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Ivan Dynko: Head of Research
Intent data
Identifying potential prospects is one thing, identifying prospects that are currently in-market is another. It is always better to start your campaign by targeting accounts that have shown intent to buy your product or service. By prioritising high-intent accounts, the Lead Gen Dept. ensures your campaign begins with early conversions.

A pillar of the LGD. tech stack, Bombora Company Surge® Analytics aggregates B2B intent by monitoring the website behaviour and content consumption of over 7.1 million companies.

Bombora tools allow us to focus on companies that have demonstrated a current interest in the services or products you provide.
Financial data
Using paid and public data sources like Crunchbase, the Lead Gen Dept. vets your target prospects for investments and funding information, identifies founding members and key investors, tracks mergers and acquisitions, and follows industry news and trends.

We tell you who received funding, when, how much, and who invested. Understanding the angles, your team can prioritise accounts that have recently received Seed, Series A, B, C, or D funding and are ripe for engagement.
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Before the first email is sent, the Lead Gen Dept. develops a complete firmographic profile. Key metrics like industry, company size, location, annual revenue, and growth rate ensure you stay on target.
Technographics establish your prospect’s technological ecosystem. Leveraging industry knowledge bases like BuiltWith and G2 in addition to our proprietary data sources, the LGD. identifies prospects whose current tech stack is compatible with your solution. Using Technographic data, we can also provide you with critical background information to help you anticipate a prospect's timing and needs.

Our Framework

Ensure every prospect on your list is the best possible fit. A balance of manual research and our proprietary data profiling technology allows you to penetrate new markets and drive revenue with laser focus.
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Stand out by offering value your competition can't. Focus on your entire addressable market with personalised, prospect-centric emails. See results using time-tested and scientifically proven strategies your prospects won't ignore.
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Hand off time-consuming technical headaches and focus on conversions. Let our in-house email specialists take care of the details and ensure your campaign is optimised to deliver outstanding results.
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